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the ethiopian kitchen:

The Ethiopian kitchen was known among the ancient Greeks as the best in the world. The base of the kitchen is the Enjera, a kind of sour-bread pancake made from the grain Teff. There is a great variation of dishes available, also very appealing to vegetarians. In addition, Enjera can be made gluten-free on request.

The national dish is Wot, a stew that is prepared using different kinds of meat or vegetarian ingredients. Berbere is the Ethiopian spice paste that is used to flavor foods. Traditionally, the paste is also used to preserve foods.

Dishes are served with Enjera, resembling a savory pancake or flat-bread. These can be prepared gluten-free on request. Your Enjera will be prepared using 100% Teff, an Ethiopian grain.

Muday Restaurant always strives to deliver authentic Ethiopian food. We import any spices not available in Europe and also fresh Ethiopian enjera !! serve Ethiopian wine from the Rift Valley. If you are looking for an African dining experience like no other, we are happy to welcome you. Come and try out the real Ethiopian cuisine!


Several dishes from vegetables and/or meat are placed on top of the Enjera. These dishes are then eaten by hand, where the Enjera functions as both plate and fork. This may be something to get used to, but it’s an Ethiopian tradition and as they say, it makes the food taste even better. Come and experience it for yourself!


Ethiopia is a country in the Horn of Africa with a population of approximately 85 million. It is a large country (approx. 1 million m2) and is has a dazzling magnificent natural environment, in part created by the African Rift Valley, with heights up to 4000 meters. The capital of Ethiopia is Addis Ababa
Ethiopian food is known for its great variety of vegetarian and spicy meat dishes. Muday Restaurant allows you to choose between mild or spicy in all your dishes.